I was born in rural Orange County and raised on a citrus ranch. Growing up within sun-drenched orchards of orange trees gave me an appreciation for vivid color, and my early life created a deep bond with the natural world. In response to that experience, my creativity developed organically.

I come from a lineage of classically-trained artists and self-taught makers of folk art on both sides of my family, and my own art education has been unconventional and eclectic. I have taken a smattering of formal classes, but mostly I'm self-taught or have been fortunate enough to study with artists I admire. Folk art and the art of shamans from indigenous tribes all over the world are some of the primary influences for my work. My home and studio are in Orange, California.

Artist Statement

There is a difference between seeing something and seeing it with the knowledge that it is imbued with spirit, which is its own numinous essence. When I paint, I want to connect with this underlying essence; I need to give it a visual presence that invites a tangible connection between painting and viewer. The colors I use are an important part of this connection. I use saturated colors because colors, which are simply individual frequencies of light, impact the nervous system directly and create a response in the observer that is almost visceral.

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